How to create Xampp shortcut in Ubuntu's Start Menu (aka Dash)

Recently, I try to install Xampp on Ubuntu, after installing successfully, I recognized that Xampp is not showed up on Ubuntu start menu automatically, then I worked around and found out the solution to create Xampp shortcut on Start Menu.

  1. Firstly, cd to/usr/share/applications then create a new file with extension is *.desktop by opening the terminal then run this command: sudo touch xampp.desktop.
  2. Open the new file with super admin right by: sudo gedit xampp.desktop
  3. Paste following to the file content:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=XAMPP Control Panel
Comment=Start and Stop XAMPP
Exec=sudo /opt/lampp/manager-linux-x64.run

Exec: Command to run the application (with Xampp you need sudo right).
Terminal: true if you want to open terminal when running this application. With Xampp I set value is true to type the password of sudo when running the app.

  1. Save the file, now you have the Xampp shortcut available on start menu. Hit Windows button to check it :).
Truong An

Truong An

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